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Focus on training personnel by detailed things--- Xu Chaofeng

Yunda CEO Xu Chaofeng

Yunda paper equipment company was founded in 1981, has a history of more than thirty years, and has been developed to nearly three hundred people. Among them, nearly a quarter of people have worked in this company for more than twenty years, nearly half people have worked here for more than ten years, all Yunda employees know that Yunda is not only a manufacturing plant, but also a cultivation base. Here one person needs to be mentioned, Xu Chaofeng--the president of Yunda paper equipment company.

First, Xu Chaofeng is a studious man, he believes: every time’s learning is the new improvement and promotion. He often tells all employees to have a sense of crisis, cannot be satisfied with the current situation. In this fast developed society, you will be left behind when you stop at present, but others keep on improving. He demands all employees  go to study in their spare time, only by constantly progress and renovate can meet society’s development. His learning spirit infects everyone around; every employee is like him to keep on learning.

Second, he focuses on training personnel by detailed things. He treats different staff with different methods if they are not doing things well. For the conservative, he is actively encouraged to educate, let him bold play. But for those self-righteous and self-conceited staff, he will correct his mistakes at the first time, let him know where the problem lies, and help him to corrective.

Third, Yunda encourages employees to innovate, the chairman Xu Chaofeng often mentions the word "innovation", he demands: from the line workers to senior leaders, every employee should have rigorous innovation consciousness, only so that employees will progress and the company can develop. Yunda provide every staff the space to display their abilities and the innovation platform. Yunda often holds some innovation assessment and innovation demonstration to bring this innovation to daily work and give spiritual encouragement or material rewards according to the influence of the innovations play.

Yunda paper equipment company firmly believes that an enterprise's development is inseparable from talent, which cannot only rely on the introducing; more should be paid attention to cultivation. A talent can only be used for one moment if he does not learn or innovate, thus he cannot find out the problem of the development process, and cannot meet the needs of enterprise development and social development needs. Therefore Yunda is not only a stage to display people’s abilities, but also an educating base.


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